Team Red White & Blue: Train Like A Pro

Angel teaching Dieter's close quarters defense

Sports Academy Foundation was honored to host Team Red White & Blue and their families for an intensive all-day “Train Like a Pro” experience on Saturday June 11th. Our military veterans were trained in CQD® skills, coached in running technique, futsal, beach volleyball and basketball. They received a demonstration in our biomechanics lab on how Sports Academy uses technology to identify imbalances and how they use that knowledge to develop training programs to prevent injuries while maximizing physical development. We included a session in the mindset lab to showcase how Sports Academy’s sports psychology team trains the minds of athletes to be more focused, increase reaction time, and sharpen peripheral vision.

Jayro teaching futsal
Angel teaching Dieter's close quarters defense
Team red white and blue track workout

We totally wore them out, but it was a great launch to our partnership. Our future monthly events will showcase our Team Red White & Blue veterans in various sports competing against teams from our business partners. The events will be fundraisers to support Sports Academy Foundation Full Circle Athlete scholarships for military veterans and at-risk youth. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the program and how you can compete with our veterans!