Social Impact in Action

We Create Partnerships of Purpose

Casa Pacifica Full Circle Athlete

Casa Pacifica close quarters defense room

Casa Pacifica youth beginning their Full Circle Athlete five-week program with Close Quarters Defense® at Sports Academy. Each athlete is training one-on-one with a coach in the sport of their choice, enjoying team sport training, sports performance, and mindset development.

Student/Team Empowerment Program

S.T.E.P. Program on football field

“I have trusted John “Pops” Kennedy as an expert facilitator, team-builder, and leader developer. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and his ability to inspire is exceptional. Pops brings a blend of experience, intellect, and passion that will create permanent and positive change within your team, company or organization.” - Steven B. Aycock - Former Head Football Coach - JCSU 2009-2015

Camino Nuevo Basketball Camp

Students from Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Eisner, Burlington, Kayne Siart, and Cisneros schools elevated their basketball skills while they simultaneously learned about courage, integrity, accountability, leadership, and humility.

Team Red, White, & Blue

Team RWB on the Sports Academy track

Team Red White and Blue enjoying “Train Like a Pro” day where veterans and their families trained in CQD®, mindset development, running technique, futsal, and beach volleyball.

Olympic Day

Olympics day kids group shot

Olympic Day 2016 kids celebrated the Olympic spirit at Sports Academy with Olympians Mike Powell, Lindsey Berg, Mike Day, and Brian Marshall. The youth rotated through sand soccer, volleyball, sports performance, baseball, track, beach volleyball, futsal, basketball, and CQD.