Old Glory Relay 2016: 4,216 miles of America

Every year, 62 chapters of Team Red, White, and Blue work together to run cross-country with a specially selected out-of-commission American Flag in the Old Glory Relay. This year’s run covered 4,216 miles from the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington to Team RWB headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The relay began at sunrise on September 11th and concluded on Veterans Day.

Each chapter is responsible for recruiting runners and bikers to individually carry the American flag for their section of the cross-country route. At the end of each day’s journey, they pass the flag on to the next chapter so the flag can continue its’ journey across the country.

old glory race group photo
Team Red, White & Blue Old Glory Relay. Working left to right: Joanna Graham, Team RWB board member, Deb Richard, Executive Director Sports Academy Foundation, Jason Nyhan, Director Corporate Development Sports Academy, Jenny Kenyon, Director Track & Endurance Sports Academy, Jaclyn Watkins, Athletics Director Team RWB Ventura

Team RWB Ventura recently received its national recognition as a Team RWB chapter. Therefore, this was Team RWB Ventura’s first time to participate in this national event. In an effort to grow the relationship with Sports Academy Foundation, the chapter asked members of Sports Academy to join in completing their 65-mile route.

Deb Richard, the Executive Director of Sports Academy Foundation, felt honored that her and her colleagues were invited to participate in the national event for this new chapter. Together, Deb Richard, Jenny Kenyon, Director of Track and Endurance, and Jason Nyhan, Director of Corporate Development, ran the first 14 miles of Team Ventura’s route.

“You can’t really put that experience into words,” said Deb Richard. “You are running with an out-of-commission American flag. I found myself thinking about the battles and the parts of the world the flag had been exposed to during its time in service. I am so glad Sports Academy Foundation could participate with Team Red, White & Blue.”

Jason Nyhan added that he was honored to play a small part in a large event that celebrates an outstanding group of veterans. Sports Academy Foundation is looking forward to continuing to participate in future events with Team RWB and expanding its partnership to the benefit of military veterans.