Casa Pacifica Full Circle Athletes

Sports Academy Foundation was honored to have five Casa Pacifica youths participate in the Full Circle Athlete development program at Sports Academy. The program included two CQD® sessions, 10 Mindset development training sessions, 4 team trainings in volleyball and beach volleyball, 4 performance training sessions, and 8 one-on-one skills coaching sessions in the sport of their choice. All five thrived throughout their experience!


In their words…

“I had so much fun here at Sports Academy and I loved it so much I would want everyone else to do it. I wanna say thank you to everyone for helping me out and for being so kind and positive☺” Christian M.

“You guys are the best people and the best trainers ever. Thank you for your support.” Brandon G.

“I feel like this program really boosted my confidence a whole lot. People/trainers really motivated me to not give up and not care if I mess up. I enjoyed the motivation to strive and do better.” Isiah C.

“This program has helped my confidence a lot. It has shown me not to give up when it comes to new sports or trying new things. I am more motivated to step out of my comfort zone.” Daniella A.

“I had fun!” N.V.

What made the five weeks with the five athletes incredibly special is unquestionably the talent at Sports Academy. Their desire to provide positive influence and be fully present meant so much to the youth. Their departing comments resonated on two topics: “how do I come back to get more?” and “thank you for this amazing experience!”

In the coming weeks we will begin a weekly program of delivering sports training at Casa Pacifica. Sports will be rotated throughout the year to provide unique learning benefits that come from participating in different sports. We also want to expand the Full Circle Athlete scholarship program as a funding priority.