Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Basketball Camp:
Lessons in Courage, Integrity, Accountability, Leadership, and Humility

Camino Nuevo campers group photo
When sixty-four Camino Nuevo Charter Academy 7th and 8th graders walked through the doors of Sports Academy for their spring break basketball camp pure joy ensued. The kids from Burlington, Kayne Siart, Cisneros, and Eisner embraced the opportunity to develop their understanding of courage, integrity, accountability, leadership and humility as much as the basketball skills expertly delivered by the Sports Academy basketball coaching team. It was a week full of joyful learning!
Camino Nuevo campers shooting hoops
Camino Nuevo camper with basketball
In their words, how to apply their new core value learning into life:

“I found the courage to help my parents learn English”
“It takes courage to come out of my comfort zone”
“Integrity means to do the right thing even though no one is watching”
“To let my parents know they can trust me”
“We are still kids and we need to count on each other”
“To be accountable even if it is hard”
“It takes a lot of guts to lead”
“I lead when I do not wait for someone else to do something”
“Be proud of what my life has become”
“Learn to understand gratefulness”
“I learned that all of these traits are important”